Sunday, July 29, 2012

BPI Globe BanKO

Looking for another way to save up but with more features?

You can try saving with BPI Globe BanKO ( Maybe you have seen this during the noontime show "Eat Bulaga" where Vic Sotto gives the lucky winner a saving account with BPI Globe BanKO.

BanKO, you can start savings with only Php 100.00, this includes an ATM card and Php 50.00 initial deposit to your account. The minimum deposit start Php 50.00. Your money can also earn interest, just like when you save at a normal bank, plus you can get also a life insurance.

You can do your banking either at BanKO Partner Outlet were you can cash in/cash out transaction or via your Globe/TM mobile phone just dail *118*1# to access the menu.

Other services offered by BanKO:
  1. Send Money
  2. Buy Load
  3. Pay Bills
  4. Loans (Soon)

1 comment:

Maria elena ponado said...

i want to open an account this bpi, BanKo, i think this is a good bank for the pilipino people that no big amount of initial deposit, i want to open soon...