Monday, September 17, 2012

Postpaid or Prepaid?

The number one question with all the mobile users in the Philippines is are you going to get a Postpaid line or a Prepaid number?

Here are some pros and cons of each:
Postpaid line Pros:
1. You will not worried about loading or to check your load balance.
2. Can call or text anyone without limit.
3. Additional freebies or add on features.
4. Get new mobile phone for retention programs.
5. New plans to fit your lifestyle.

Postpaid line Cons:
1. Monthly bill.
2. Overspending on your plan.
3. Lock to the same network for two years (not all plans nowadays).
4. Many add on cost on your bill.
5. Unsolicited text from the network.

Prepaid line Pros:
1. No monthly bill at all.
2. No chance of overspending.
3. Prepaid promos.
4. Lite on the budget.
5. No locking period.

Prepaid line cons:
1. Limitation in calling or text services.
2. Monitoring of your load balance.
3. No free phone.
4. Vanishing load.
5. Unsolicited text from the network.

The pros and cons of a postpaid and prepaid line is the same but the offers of Smart, Globe, and Sun for there postpaid services are now available for budget lock people.

Smart Freedom Plans is a new postpaid plan from Smart which lets you choose what services you what to avail and you can change it monthly and it has a built in spending limit of Php 600.00. You can choose from unlimited calls to the same network, 2000 text to all networks, or unlimited surfing for either 15 days to 30 days.

Sun Cellular Postpaid the leader in unlimited call and text. The company is also part of Smart now, but you can still avail of unlimited call and text to the same network.

Globe Postpaid they have the "Unli-All" plan where you can start at Php 349.00 to Php 999.00 per month. It can be text to all networks or call and text unlimited to Globe and TM.

For prepaid lines there is a lot of options of unlimited call and text services from the company's above.

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